School That Moulds Futuristic Leaders With A Global Perspective

Your journey with ODM Global School starts here. Being the first Global CBSE school in Odisha and among elites in the entire country, ODM Global School brings a futuristic study curriculum infused with the CPX Learning Model designedto deliver 360-degree growthto every student. Not only a strong academic curriculum, but students will also explore a solid co-curricular foundation added with magnificent opportunities and unique freshness to truly embrace world-class education with us.

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Nurturing Students for Holistic Excellence with CPX Learning Model

At our core, we are dedicated to nurturing the child as a whole, transcending the boundaries of academics. So, we have introduced the CPX Learning Model, a dynamic educational framework anchored by three pillars: Character, Potential, and Excel.  This holistic learning model emphasizes character development, instilling values like  integrity,humility,and  perseverance, and nurturing students to become principled, compassionate individuals. The Potential aspect empowers students to identify their unique strengths, set clear objectives, and foster a culture of ongoing improvement that helps them excel transcending mere academics.

Empowering Tomorrow's Visionaries with
360-Degree Literacy & CPX Learning

With more number of parents recognizing the need for career-focused education for their child aligned with various skill development programs, 360-degree learning has emerged as the latest trend in the K-12 education category. At ODM Global School, we are the first in the state CBSE school with a 360-degree learning curriculum integrated with the CPX Learning Model that provides a well-rounded education and an innovative learning atmosphere.


Revolutionary Teaching for Exceptional Learning

The academic environment at OGS is one where students are provided with resources, programmes, and opportunities that enable them to excel. Whether it’s our unique and Scientifically engineered SHPI - Student’s Holistic Performance Index and uniquely crafted course modules or interactive classroom presentation, special doubt clearing classes, Olympiads preparation, modernized labs, Daily Curriculum Plan and more, our modern academic curriculum will nurture students to be more academically engaged and confident.


Empowering Students Beyond the Classroom

ODM Global School offers students ample opportunities to explore and grow with their unique talents and gifts. Our co-academics programs foster a culture of personality progress, intellectual skills, social skills, moral values, character, wellness, and fitness to help develop young ones with active participation, fun, and spirit. Our co-academic highlights include a forum for National & International Competitions, ODM Flagship Events, Learn-Educate-Accept-Progress (L.E.A.P) Series, Continuous Educational Trips and Seminars, Monthly Activities & Competitions, TEDx events, and more.

Life Skills

Equipping Students for Real-World Success

As part of our 360-degree learning, students will receive special life skill programmes to build confidence in collaborative and communication skills while learning valuable adaptability to crucial circumstances. Our life skill programmes promote students to find new ways of problem-solving and creative thinking, better socialization, recognizing impacts of their behaviours and actions, growing more aware of their surroundings, and more.

Personal Skills

Paving the Path for Brighter Tomorrow

Developing personal skills from a young age is extremely crucial for students in order to shine through their untapped potential and empower their careers with the finest opportunities. With highly experienced faculties and proven methodologies, our personal skill curriculum is designed to provide a great foundation and exposure to future learning for students. Highlights of our personal skill curriculum include Mental Arithmetic - By Neelakantha Bhanu (Exploring Infinite), Robotics in Curriculum - By SakRobotix, 1 Vocational Course a Year, AI/Coding Classes, Specialised Skill Training Sessions in Summer Vacations/Winter Vacations, and more.

Career Counselling

Competent Guidance to Turning Ambitions into Achievements

Our students receive career counselling classes from Certified Career Counsellors in a structured and scientific way. They help students make decisions and choose the most compatible path according to their interest criteria from countless options ahead of them. Furthermore, our in-house career counselling cell adds Psychometric Test & one-to-one career counselling, Cluster Career Counselling, Career Bootcamp, Exclusive Career-related Sessions by Industry Experts, Interaction with Top Universities in India, Interaction with Universities Abroad, MINI Career Counselling, Career Quiz, CareerX Helpline, and many other exclusive features inside student curriculum.

Global Exposure

Broadening Horizons for Limitless Success

Being true to its name, ODM Global School provides abundant global learning opportunities to students. Whether it’s our panel of 12 internationally famed Global Educators and exclusive International School Exchange Programs or partnership with renowned Cambridge English Assessment Centre, international university tie-ups, coaching for international degrees such as SAT, TOEFL and IELTS, and International Tours & Competitions, your child is going to receive guaranteed best global exposure with OGS.


Igniting Passion and Nurturing Love for Learning
with Our Global Experts

As the first school in the country, ODM Global School has six International and National collaborations with highly reputed institutions. With us, your child’s passion will meet the expert guidance of our global experts added with world-class campus facilities and help them develop their skills beyond just average. In addition, students will learn the true value of efforts, attitude, commitment, and concentration with the guidance of their special mentors.

CricKingdom - A Cricket Academy by Rohit Sharma

As cricket has a place next to religion in this country, we brought the renowned CricKingdom - A Cricket Academy by Rohit Sharma to our campus to fulfil the dreams of your child.

Shankar Mahadevan Academy

The perfect place for music heaven. We have partnered with music maestro Shankar Mahadevan’s exclusive singing academy to ensure the best learning experience for our students.

Shiamak Dance Academy

Your child’s pursuit of perfection starts here. At OGS, we deliver world-class dance training to students with our exclusive tie-up with the reputed Shiamak Dance Academy.

Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academy

There is no limit to what your child can achieve when his/her skills meet the experience and expertise of the country’s highly respected Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academy.

NBA Basketball School

Jump higher and dunk like Jordan. ODM Global School has brought globally renowned NBA Basketball School to its campus with world-class basketball courts and facilities.

LA LIGA Football School

Dedication + Expert Guidance + Deed = Guaranteed Success. Our students are guaranteed to receive the best football experience with expert guidance while continuing their schooling.

Our Global Educators: Guiding Young Minds Towards Bright and Joyful Tomorrows

ODM Global School is the first school in the country to boast a diverse panel of renowned Global Educators. Our Global Educators specialise in various fields ranging from Personality Development and AI to Communication, Data Analytics, Personal Branding, Entrepreneurship and more, thus ensuring a more diverse and modern curriculum stuffed with futuristic studies for our students. Each student at OGS will be exposed to at least two Global Educators during their curriculum of one year.

More Than Just A School,It’s Personalized for Students’ Excellence

ODM Global School’s seven-acre modern campus is located right in the heart (Patia, Bhubaneswar) of the capital city of Odisha and is easily accessible by every transport medium. The elegant campus boasts centrally air-conditioned classrooms, school office, student hostels (separate for boys and girls), banquet hall, canteen, cafeteria, multiple sports arenas, 24x7 cloud backed up security cameras, and every other facility that a student dreams of and a modern school must-have. Our school is built with modern architecture and complete disaster management secured. The campus completely operates under access-controlled face recognition terminals, ensuring absolutely no unauthorised entry inside the campus.

Admission Procedureat ODM Global School

  • Apply Online through the Application Form. Or, you can visit the campus offline to discuss with our Academic Counsellors and apply offline.
  • Complete the application form, and wait for the admission process to begin.
  • Students from Class I-IX will be required to appear in a Baseline Test, and students of Class XI will have to appear for the OSAT- ODM Scholarship Admission Test.
  • If the student qualifies in the test, he/she is all set for Admission. deposit the Admission Fees, and the student is enrolled to unlock his/her potential.

Baseline Test & ODM Scholarship Admission Test 2024

To qualify for ODM Global School admission, students for Standard Class I to IX have to go through a Baseline Test, and Class XI students have to appear for OSAT- ODM Scholarship Admission Test, which ODM faculties will conduct. Appeared candidates have to secure at least 50% to proceed further with the admission. Students who qualify in OSAT with top grades can avail themselves of extra benefits during their admission. Qualifying OSAT serves as a mandatory criterion for Class XI admission at ODM Global School. We would also like to mention that OSAT doesn’t guarantee a scholarship for every student appearing in the exam. The scholarships will be served based on the results acquired by students on OSAT and competitive exams. ODM OSAT Council Members may also consider special cases for scholarship acquirement.

OSATTest Format

StreamSubjectsNo of QuestionsTotal QuestionsTime(in minutes)
(Each question carries 2 marks, negative marking -1/4)
Maths (JEE) / Biology (NEET)30
StreamSubjectsNo of QuestionsTotal QuestionsTime(in minutes)
CommerceMental Ability(MAT)30100
(Each question carries 2 marks, negative marking -1/4)
Social Studies(SST)25

Disclaimer: Please note that this question paper is only indicative of the type and level of questions being asked in the entrance. It no way guarantees any resemblance with the actual exam pattern for OSAT 2024. You can check out the actual examination pattern for OSAT 2024 on our official website.

Awards & Gloriesof ODM Educational Group

The Best School in Innovation in Global Collaborative Learning by eLets World Education Summit 2022
Times Business Awards Bhubaneswar- 2019 Best School of the Year Award
Times Business Awards Bhubaneswar- 2019 Best School of the Year Award
Ranked No.1 School in Odisha By Times School Survey 2021
World Education Awards Delhi- 2019 Best use of ICT by the School Management
Times Business Awards Bhubaneswar- 2019 Dr. S. Minaketan | Times Educationist of the Year
SHRIE Awards Bhubaneswar- 2019 Dr. S. Minaketan | Commendable Achievement in Education
ALLEN GURUKUL Awards Bhubaneswar- 2019 ODM Public School
National School Awards Delhi- 2019 Most Technically Advanced & Best Residential School of India
School of Eminence Award (A+) EducationWorld : 2021-22
India’s Top 50 PSJA, 2019 Tech-School of the Year
Global Education Awards Udaipur- 2019 Best use of Edtech in School

Frequently Asked Questions

.What is the CPX Learning Model?

.How will the CPX Learning Model benefit Students?

.Does the school provide transportation facility to students?

.Does the school provide meals for Day-Boarding?

Yes, we provide excellent food provision to our Day-Boarding and Residential students. Highlights for our food provision facility includes buffet option for breakfast and snacks, experienced head-chefs and sous-chefs from 3-star hotels to supervise our fooding facilities, tasty and healthy menu for all the students, ranging from Indian, Chinese to continental and Mexican food, tab-based feedback system for each day's food item, and more. We provide breakfast, lunch, and Health Drinks to Day-Boarders and additional provisions of Snacks and Dinner to Residential students.

.Whom to contact for admission?

For the seamless experience of students during admission, ODM has a highly dedicated and experienced team of Admission Counsellors to guide students from registration to admission and further. Just let them know your queries, and you will be served with the most satisfactory answers instantly.